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Dom Farolino

About Me

I'm Dom Farolino, a computer science major pursuing my Master's degree. I'm a Software Engineering intern at Google in Tokyo, Chromium contributer, and ex-{Microsoft,Mozilla} intern. My interests range from computer science theory and algorithms, to the web platform (and more!).

Computer Science

I like solving algorithms and participating in competitive programming contests (C++). I love C++, JavaScript, and am interested in algorithms and graph theory.

Web Platform

I'm a member of the WHATWG, technical owner of the Priority Hints API implementation in Chromium, Chromium committer, contributor to the HTML Standard, and editor of the Console Standard.

This summer I'm interning with Google in Tokyo on the Chrome loading team. I've been contributing to Chromium for about a year prior to my internship; my work can be found here. So far this summer I've shipped subresource integrity support for link preloads (design doc, crbug), and am working on enabling cross-origin prefetch in a privacy-preserving manner, with Chromium's double-keyed cache implementation (design doc, crbug).

During the summer of 2017 I interned with Mozilla in Mountain View, CA on the Firefox graphics team where I helped implement off-main-thread painting.


Check out my GitHub account to see most of my projects. I maintain an algorithms repository aimed at providing detailed explanations and implementations of classic algorithms, data structures, and competitive programming problems. I also maintain a blog consisting of web- and algorithm-related posts.

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