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Dom Farolino

About Me

I'm Dom Farolino, a computer science graduate from the University of Cincinnati. I'm a Software Engineer at Google in Tokyo working on the Chrome team, and ex-{Microsoft,Mozilla} intern. My interests range from computer science theory and algorithms, to the web platform and more.

Computer Science

I like solving algorithms and participating in competitive programming contests. I love C++, JavaScript, and am interested in algorithms and graph theory.

Web Platform

I'm a Chromium committer, member of the WHATWG standards organization, contributor to the HTML Standard, and editor of the Console Standard. Within Chrome I primarily work on loading-related projects, but am also interested in //base infrastructure and IPC.

In the summer of 2019, I interned with Google in Tokyo on the Chrome loading team. I've contributed to Chromium for about a year prior to my internship; my work can be found here. Over the summer I shipped subresource integrity support for link preloads (design doc, crbug), and worked on enabling cross-origin prefetch in a privacy-preserving manner, with Chromium's double-keyed cache implementation (design doc, crbug).

During the summer of 2017 I interned with Mozilla in Mountain View, CA on the Firefox graphics team where I helped implement off-main-thread painting.


Check out my GitHub account to see most of my projects. I maintain an algorithms repository aimed at providing detailed explanations and implementations of classic algorithms, data structures, and competitive programming problems. I also maintain a blog consisting of web- and algorithm-related posts.

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